The NOVUS Team

NOVUS boasts an impressive team of experienced professionals that are driven by the challenge to innovate the wood processing industry.

William H. Winters 
President and CEO

Bill graduated from the University of Texas in 1982, with a degree in Business Administration. Bill joined the banking industry in 1982 and after three years as a commercial lending officer, his entrepreneurial spirit led him to form the first of the NOVUS Group of Companies. Bill has led the NOVUS team from inception through its history of market expansion, business transactions, and product innovation. During this time, Bill has been recognized for his accomplishments and contributions with:

  • Tenth Annual Houston Mayorıs Proud Partnerıs Distinguished Service Award ­ 1994
  • Houston Corporate Recycling Council ­ Environmental Leadership Award ­ 1993
  • Finalist ­ Entrepreneur of the Year Award ­ Houston Area - 1992 and 1994
  • 83rd Fastest Growing Private Company in America ­ 1992
  • 152nd Fastest Growing Private Company in America ­ 1991

Bill has been involved in numerous professional organizations, including:

  • Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission (TNRCC) Subtitle D Advisory Panel ­ member
  • TNRCC Municipal Solid Waste Advisory Council ­ Regulatory Oversight Committee ­ member
  • Houston Corporate Recycling Council ­ Advisory Board Member
  • National Solid Waste Management Association ­ Texas Chapter ­ Member


James L. "Jim" Goodyear
Chief Financial Officer

After graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Commerce, and a Concentration in Accounting from University of Virginia in 1982, Jim returned to Houston. He joined Price Waterhouse, and progressed to the level of Senior Auditor and earned his CPA certificate. When Jim left public accounting, he spent five years with an investment company where he served as CFO. In 1990, Bill recruited Jim to join the NOVUS team and head up its finance and administration departments. Jimıs specific accomplishments at NOVUS include:

  • Five (5) corporate acquisitions, totaling $9.5 million
  • Eight (8) corporate divestitures, totaling $51.7 million
  • Two (2) equity private placements, totaling $11 million
  • Three (3) equity repurchase transactions, totaling $16 million
  • Bank credit agreements, totaling $18 million


Steve M. Ghormley
Vice President - Business Development

Steve began his career in the Industrial and Commercial Construction Industry, working for his family business, Charles M. Ghormley Construction Company, Inc. After 10 years, Steve joined the Abercrombie Company as a Senior Environmental Project Manager. In 1990, Steve joined NOVUS and has contributed in areas including landfill operations, wood processing operations, product research and development, and business development. 

In 1999, Steve was honored with the Coastal America Partnership Award for Environmental Excellence for his work with the Clear Creek Wetland Restoration Project where his team developed a variety of wave action barriers to protect the levee around the Project. This is one of many examples of Steveıs innovative contributions to NOVUS and the industry as a whole.

Steveıs activities and interests include:

  • TNRCC Landfill Operator Certification Advisory Board ­ member
  • City of Pasadena Building and Standards Commission ­ member
  • Houston Yacht Club ­ former Board Trustee
  • United States Yacht Club National Champion ­ 1996
  • International Fleet Captain ­ J22 Class ­ 1994
  • United States Sailing Champion ­ Olympic Soling Class - 1988
  • Pasadena YMCA ­ volunteer coach


Roger D. Oldigs
Vice President ­ Operations

Roger graduated from the University of Houston in 1988 with a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree in Accounting. After three years in public accounting with Ernst & Young, LLP, Roger joined the NOVUS team to head up the Accounting Department. Over the years, Roger increased his involvement in the operations side of the business and excelled in innovation of new products and enhanced operating systems. Eventually, Roger relinquished his accounting duties to dedicate his full-time efforts to the Wood Processing Operations. During his tenure with NOVUS, Roger has been recognized for his many accomplishments:

  • Governorıs Environmental Excellence Award for Waste Minimization and Recycling ­ Finalist ­ 1995
  • Texas Corporate Recycling Councilıs Environmental Vision Award for Most Innovative Processor in Texas ­ 1995
  • Governorıs Environmental Excellence Award for Household Hazardous Waste Program ­ 1996

Scott C. Mactier
Managing Partner

Scott graduated from the University of Texas in 1981, where he earned a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree in Finance. Scott began his career in Houston, Texas, as a commercial lending officer with Capital Bank. After eight years in banking, Scott developed an extensive business consulting practice, which focused on debt and equity financing, growth strategies, mergers and acquisitions, divestitures, and start-ups. Scott has been affiliated with the NOVUS team for many years, but formalized this relationship with his commitment to head-up the Public Relations and Business Development efforts of 

Scottıs many professional accomplishments include:

  • Computer Control Systems, Inc ­ Director
  • Gilmore International, Inc. ­ Director
  • Gilmore Valve, Inc. ­ Advisory Board Member
  • Norton Ditto, Inc. ­ Advisory Board Member
  • Sterling Bank - Business Development Board Member


Billy R. Holt
Manager – Business Development & Information Technology

Billy graduated from the University of Houston ­ Clear Lake in 1990, with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting. Billy joined Ernst & Young, and then Hein & Associates, where he first practiced Public Accounting and then migrated to Information Technology. Billyıs first involvement with NOVUS was as an IT Systems Consultant while working with Hein. Several years later, Billy joined the NOVUS team to head-up its Information Technology and E-Business areas. Billy has since expanded his role to include's sales and marketing. Billyıs accomplishments include:

  • Technical lead role in the development of the B2B website
  • Conversion of the multi-state WAN to Windows NT, including installation of corporate messaging and internet access via T1 lines


Ronald H. Blackwelder
Manager - Forest Products

Ron earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Forestry from the University of Arkansas at Monticello and Master of Science degree in Forestry from Texas A & M University, then began a 25-year career in the forest products industry. His industrial experience includes a wide variety of field and manufacturing operations management and staff positions with Potlatch Corporation, Champion International Corporation and Abitibi-Consolidated Inc. (Donohue Industries Inc.). His assignments ranged across the southern U.S. and included five years at Champion's corporate headquarters in Connecticut. Most recently he served as Wood Supply Manager for Abitibi's Texas paper mills. Ron served as a consultant in forest products and renewable bioenergy for NOVUS and in 2001, and in 2002 formally joined the team, working jointly with and the NOVUS Wood Group. Ron's professional and community affiliations include:

  • Society of American Foresters - Member and past Officer
  • Texas Forestry Association - Member and past Board Member
  • Forest Resources Association - Member and past Board Member
  • Texas Logging Council - Member
  • Technical Association of the Pulp & Paper Industry (TAPPI) ­ Member
  • Habitat for Humanity for Angelina County (Texas) - Past President & Volunteer
  • Houston (Texas) Habitat for Humanity - Volunteer